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Additions for Summer

Art Doll Additions

I made two new art doll figure additions to my gallery inventory this week. Summer is always a strange time work wise for me because my schedule is much more variable. I find I do not have as many strings of multiple days in the studio. This can be a blessing at times. Many sculptures need a bit of breathing room incorporated into their creation. Time allows me to back away, look at what I’ve done so far, and plan my next attack. My work is definitely not the type that is created in broad quick strokes of the brush. It is more like a collaborative dance between me, the materials, and the piece itself.

Up, Up

...And Away art doll
…And Away

“…And Away” is a colorful and fun art doll figure flying a kite. I played with the balance of this sculpture to create as much movement as possible. I love the challenge of capturing a moment of movement. This not-so-static figure sculpture is frozen in time at the moment a breeze has just caught Away’s kite. I had quite a bit of fun creating her brightly colored polka dot dress and coordinating leggings. Additionally, I received a couple of inquiries if I could produce life-size versions of the tights from fellow artists.

The Game Begins

The Game Begins is a piece comprised of two figures. This art doll sculpture features a kneeling figure holding out a ball to her canine friend. This introduction is the precursor to their very first game of fetch. I’m guessing the first of many.

The Game Begins art doll figure sculpture
The Game Begins

Both “…And Away” and “The Game Begins” are now available at the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts. It is also the last Friday of the month and that means that there is an opening and reception for our current show Local Color. Local Color features the newest art by Nell Chandler, Evelyn Ward, Ali Givens, and Michele Yellin.