Octopus Escape

Does That Octopus look Familiar?

This little octopus may look familiar, as she is a rework of an earlier piece. You may recall that I created a “teapot” purse sculpture for the Cedar Creek Gallery bi-annual National Teapot Show last year? That functional (purse) – non-functional (teapot) sculpture occupied our HGA window for a month or so. It seems direct late spring North Carolina sun was a bit too much, and the red of the octopus sun bleached a bit. The subtle color difference was undetectable to most, but I knew it was there. The sculpture came back to the studio for some rehab.

Needle felted anthropomorphic octopus sculpture holding a shell on head
Fashion Or Camouflage?

I loved the original sculpture and its nod to the popular documentary My Octopus Teacher, but I didn’t want to just refresh it. I removed the little figure from her perch on top of the teapot/purse, and repositioned her. She needed some (actually a lot) additional suckers for the bottom of several legs. She also needed a color refresh in her faded areas. I accomplished this by overfelting more fiber in those areas. Luckily, I had some of that wool left! Her scallop shell accessory, is an addition inspired by the original MOT doc, and a newer docuseries on National Geographic. In both, you see these intelligent creatures utilize a variety of objects. This octopus now asks the question “Fashion Or Camouflage?”

This new-ish version of this octopus is needle felted wool over quilt batting. She does not have an internal wire armature. Her pose is accomplished by stategic sewing and felting. The eyes are iridecent black glass beads. The scallop shell is needle felted wool over quilt batting.

Needle felted anthropomorphic octopus sculpture holding a shell on head
Fashion Or Camouflage 2

Fashion Or Camouflage is headed to HGA next month for my feature show.

Finished up several more “Flutterbys” last week. Five Flutterbys (these three and the two I shared last week) will have to be the limit. It was starting to feel a bit like production, and that’s where I tend to bow out. I like to keep such items special. They will become available when the show installs on July 22nd.

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