Caroling Mice Take Two

Pair of carol singing mice in victorian costume.
Caroling Mice 2021

A pair of Caroling Mice for the holiday season are the latest creation from my studio bench. As you’d expect they will be coming in to the gallery for the holiday show which installs on November 15th.

Last year I created a trio of mice in mittens and knit caps. This year’s pair is dressed in their victorian finest. They are needle felted wool over a wire and quilt batting frame. They feature iridescent black glass bead eyes, and a paper crafted miniature music sheet of Deck the Halls. I’ve decided to make one set of mice per year, so this one-of-a-kind pair are it for 2021.

You can check them out at the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts along with all the other holiday offerings in a couple of weeks.

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