Decorating Committee

New Holiday Themed Sculpture

A pair of playful seals that form a decorating committee are my latest holiday themed sculpture. I just dropped the two of them and a couple of new holiday trees off at the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts today.

Decorating Crew

These two don’t seem to be phased by the possible delicacy of the ornaments they are going to hang. The bright red Christmas orbs are just too tempting not to play with a bit first.

Each seal is needle felted wool over a wire and quilt batting form. They feature hand sewn glass bead eyes, fishing line whiskers, and crystal beaded ornaments.

Seal with ornament
Seal balancing ornament

The very earnest pair certainly seem ready to complete their task just as soon as they show each other their balancing skills.

Decorating Crew with Holiday Trees

Stop in in at HGA and meet them and all their friends.

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