New Art Doll and Countdown

Newest Art Doll

Joy is my latest completed art doll figure sculpture.  Dancers are natural figures for sculptors to do.  Trying to capture movement in a static piece is the challenge.  In Joy, I not only wanted the viewer to feel she is captured in a frame of time, but obviously having a great time while doing it.

Dancer art doll titled Joy


Opening Reception This Week

Tomorrow is the “Last Friday” of April, and that means that it is show opening reception night at the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts.  Being April, it is also the month when Last Friday switches from just the monthly art walk, to the full Last Friday with music, outdoor vendors, food, and of course, art.

The new feature artist show features new work by Arianna Barra, Chris Burnside, and Michele Yellin.  It is a great show, and definitely worth a look as you enjoy Last Friday in Hillsborough.

This Last Friday also means that I have just a month left until my own featured artist show opening on May 29th. So, with that I better get back into the studio and get my new work finished.

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