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And To All A Good Night

I was thinking about giving art as gifts today.    Part of what inspired and gave me the confidence to work on my art full time were the reactions I received to gifts I created years ago.  I heard just enough, “you should do this professionally” to help me think that perhaps I could.  I must admit that it is with much greater anticipation and perhaps just a bit of anxiety that I await the reaction to a piece of my art than anything I will ever purchase.  This is heightened even further when creating a piece specifically for someone special.

Portrait doll for a soccer keeper

Portrait doll for a soccer keeper

I worked in the gallery today.  I noticed that just as much of the conversation was about the person to receive the gift as the piece of art or the artist. To me this made perfect sense.  I always try to select or create that piece that somehow says that person’s name to me.

I had a great experience recently of picking out existing sculptures as gifts for some friends.  I was pleasantly surprised by one recipient noticing the work before I had a chance to give them, and specifically asking about the piece I had intended for them.  That completely made my evening.

Happy holidays, and if you happen to be one of the readers who might recognize the doll in this post… Shhhh