The Art of Selling With Out Selling

I added several new things to the site today.  The first is my latest art doll creation, Carnival.  As you can see she is masked and ready to attend a ball in Venice. She stands on her own with the help of her very fancy walking stick, and an interesting pair of metal shoes.  Her face is torch-fired white enamel and metallic paint on hand-hammered copper.

Carnival - $275


If you look at her addition to my Art Dolls page you will also notice that she and all my other available dolls now have a price listed beside their title.

I have been researching different on-line sales options lately.  To tell the truth, it made my head spin.  If you do a search on selling art there are literally hundreds of options from the sprawling Etsy stores to small juried media specific options.  Some are free, some charge percentages, others a membership fee and all claim to be able to put your work before millions and millions of collectors.

I decided that I’d first try to see what would happen if I added the option to my own site.  So, you may also notice a new page listed in the menu titled Art Doll Purchase.  I figured that since my dolls really are one of a kind figure sculptures, that I would handle any inquiries with collectors one-on-one as well.

I will be trying to add and keep the doll gallery as up to date as possible, and will be phasing out listing new work on my Fine Art America page, as they are more suited to 2D work, and  don’t seem to show up as high on searches anymore.  Besides, all the double listing and updating, is getting a bit too time consuming.

If you were wondering about my other sculptures, for the time being I’m only going to do this with my art dolls as they are much more shipping friendly.

Happy New Year!

(apologies to the Dragon for the title paraphrase)

6 thoughts on “The Art of Selling With Out Selling

    1. lynnadmin Post author

      Thanks, have sold through email inquiries, but trying to work more directly with collectors, and provide some information for them.

  1. Bert Wartski

    Outstanding idea! You out did yourself with Carnival. Oh, I don’t think Bruce Lee would have a problem with your paraphrasing.

    1. lynnadmin Post author

      She does seem to command attention for such a little being. Time will tell on the new site changes.

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