Art Doll Getting Ready

Where is this art doll off to?

This week I completed “Getting Ready”.  This art doll is obviously on her way to somewhere very important, but not quite set to go.  I’m sure she’d like to have her dress ready too, but her undergarments are pretty interesting all on their own.  Besides, her attention seems to be firmly concentrated on her hair at the moment.

seated figure sculpture art doll Getting Ready

Getting Ready

I may change the mirror she is holding a bit.  It is one of those details that you need to look at before you feel it is exactly what you want for a piece.  Sometimes time and distance are the most useful items you have in your toolbox.  I can’t even recall the number of pieces I’ve changed or even completely reworked before they appeared in the gallery.  A couple of the dolls that will appear in my feature show in May are very different beings now compared to what they were a few months earlier.

Back view of Getting Ready

back view of Getting Ready

As you can see, Getting Ready is tightly laced up, and even has a little bit of boost for her bustle. I worked more metal through her shoulders and bust line and defined her waist with soft sculpting techniques. These shapes are created through costuming with most of my other art dolls.

I’m still left wondering where she and her striped stockings are off to next.

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