New and a Redo

“Night Queen” is the newest addition to my art doll figure sculptures.

Night Queen

Night Queen

Occasionally, I let a piece design itself.  More often than not I create from a detailed sketch that has been reworked several times until I know not only the look, but also the way and order in which I will approach the piece.  Perhaps it was because I was also working on a larger commission sculpture at the same time, where I was refining, and working according to the patron’s vision as much as my own.  So for this doll, I hammered a face, enameled some nail heads for eyes, and created a basic body. From there I added and subtracted until I found I had a doll that felt like she was complete.  I must admit that working this way takes me a bit out of my comfort zone, and probably takes longer as well.

Lacing II

Lacing II.

This second doll might look familiar to some.  It is the same “Lacing” piece that I created several months ago.  One of the challenges to working in mixed-media is that materials sometimes do unexpected things.  The original version had a strange little smudge on her face that I cleaned off.  Though I worked very carefully with a cotton swab, it seems a bit of cleaner touched the edges of her then light colored felt hair.  The edge looked just the slight bit dingy, so “Lacing” came home from the gallery, and received a new coiffure.

I guess sometimes the artist is controlled by the work more than he/she knows.

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